Petition to: conduct a review of the Residents Parking in central Windsor

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to conduct a review of the Residents Parking in central Windsor. More details

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1. Central Zone E parking congestion. More residents are at home due to behavioural changes (furlough, working from home) resulting in more cars at home. Parking on single yellows at night and having to move the car elsewhere the next morning. But where to park?

2. Alma Road Car Park and Windsor Leisure were offered as free relief car parks. Residents were making good use of these. Clearly the council had the same concern otherwise these options would not have been created. Now that these have expired, where to park?

3. Removal of residents parking discount. More and more shops are going to close from reduced shopper numbers. Behaviours have also changed to online shopping during lockdown. Why should residents pay the increased charges to shop? They will just shop elsewhere. Residents are the main shoppers who sustain the High St. These resident charges are short sighted and will do more long term damage.

4. Paying for resident and visitor permits. Why not offer 1 free resident permit and 5 free visitor permits per household, and the extra permits are paid for? Rather than moving from a free model to a fully paid for model, with no middle ground option.

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