Petition to: abandon plans to introduce parking charges at out-of-town locations

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to abandon plans to introduce parking charges at out-of-town locations. More details

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The Conservative-controlled Council are planning to introduce charges at out of town centre car parks across the Borough, including those that serve our parks and children’s play grounds. This is the full list:

Oaken Grove

Clewer Memorial

Desborough Park

Guards Club Open Space

Sutton Rd, Cookham

High St, Hurley

Haywards Mead, Eton Wick

Bowden Rd, Queens Rd and Upper Village Rd, Sunninghill

Brockenhurst Rd, S. Ascot

London Rd, Sunningdale

Past experience shows what a terrible idea that is — empty car parks and congested streets causing daily chaos for residents who will be left with little choice but to request parking permits, at a cost to them.

The congestion problem will be particularly acute at Oaken Grove, where the car park is currently used for school drop offs, leading to hazardous conditions for children walking to and from school.

As the only payment option will be by smartphone app, the plan is also discriminatory as those without this technology will be excluded from using these facilities.

Petition Rejected

This petition has been rejected because:

  • It contained party political material
  • It contained wording that needed to be amended, or is impossible to understand

Additional information about this rejection:
The petition has been rejected because it requires re-wording to be in line with the Constitution and compliant with the law.