Petition to: Set up a Residents’ Forum to increase and improve engagement with residents across the Royal Borough.

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to Set up a Residents’ Forum to increase and improve engagement with residents across the Royal Borough. More details

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The Residents’ Forum will consist of residents who will be asked for their views on a variety of council matters for instance climate change, social care, roads and pavements. These views will help RBWM formulate policy, provide advice to councillors and also offer additional scrutiny on decisions made by the council.

Members of the Residents’ Forum will be contacted by email on a regular basis and asked to answer a small number of questions on a particular topic. RBWM may like to hold face to face meetings of the Residents’ Forum from time to time for more in-depth feedback and commentary.

A Residents’ Forum will complement existing consultation and engagement methods used by RBWM to ensure that the council is able to hear directly and regularly from residents.

Many local authorities already have a Residents’ Forum to help guide their activities and help them recognise and deliver their residents’ priorities. These are helping to create better informed, more engaged citizens as well as great outcomes for both residents and their local communities.

Current signatories

ed wilson, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Kevin Fowler
  • Sharon Rogers
  • Sarah Walker
  • Mark David
  • Jo Riddle
  • Darren Singleton
  • Carolyn osgood
  • Karen Boustead
  • Sally Fox
  • Andrew ingram
  • Christopher Mccrorie-Thompson
  • John Sewell
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  • Sean Quinn
  • NJ Kaur
  • Lee woodbridge
  • Roger Aisladie
  • Joy Ballantyne
  • Donna Aylward
  • S Williams
  • Tresilian Segal
  • Elizabeth Pena
  • Jacky Day
  • Sophie Maurin
  • Jacqueline Burns
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