Petition to: Vote of no confidence for the current local councillors

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to Vote of no confidence for the current local councillors. More details

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A motion of no confidence and resignation for the current administration of local councillors of RBWM including the Lead of the Council (Cllr BURBAGE) and Deputy Leader/Lead for Finance (Cllr DUDLEY), Cllr STRETTON (Culture) and Cllr RAYNER (Transport & Highways)

As RBWM residents we no longer deem them fit to hold their positions because of the inadequate leadership and decisions on local issues and developments (over the past two years) that have costed tax payers now and in the long term.

Examples include;

- Ongoing issues with the Nicholsons Centre car park at cost of £240,000 - Sunday Parking Charging in Maidenhead Town Centre (without consulting any residents, businesses and retailers) - Dismissing the Fair Funding for Borough Schools Campaign who launched opposing the council’s decide to award the S106 money to a free school - Re-development of the Desborough Suite (against clear evidence that is duplicating services in the local area) - £30,000 allocated to 'fight any Government attempt to expand Heathrow Airport' without consulting the general public if it is money needed to be spent.

Current signatories

Mr Oliver Laurenson-Gore, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Kirsty Meredith
  • Melanie Gow
  • Natalie Hills
  • Elizabeth Hornby
  • michael driscoll
  • nicholas brook
  • Mark Garner
  • peter rawling
  • Graham Nash
  • Simon Watson
  • Malcolm Burtt
  • Katie Clarke
  • Patrick Lorkin
  • oliver richards
  • Nasrah Dost
  • Robert Gasior
  • Ray Barkley
  • Megan Findlay
  • Genevieve Lorkin
  • Shona Morriss
  • Paul Ayres
  • s. conway
  • Helen Pearson
  • Peter Daniells
  • Julia Conway
  • Gavin Ames
  • darren firth
  • Margery Thorogood
  • Linda Shepherd
  • David Eglise
  • Wisdom Da Costa
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  • Kevin Chapman
  • Barry Giggins
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