Petition to: Establish a Co-Education Secondary School in Windsor

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to Establish a Co-Education Secondary School in Windsor. More details

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Co-education is a system where all genders participate in the same educational institution. In Windsor, there is currently only the option to send your child to a girls’ school or a boys’ school at senior school level.

Learning in a co-educational setting has many advantages including development of mutual respect, healthy competition, helps overcoming the fear of the opposite gender, where there is no space for discrimination.

Children should have a choice and currently Windsor provides none.

Current signatories

Lars Swann, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Rebecca Swann
  • Richard Endacott
  • Robert Hescott
  • Linda Peat
  • Nicola Horn
  • Emma Smith
  • Claire speed
  • Louise Humphrey
  • ed WILSON
  • Kirsty Roberts
  • Giselle Ribeiro
  • Anu Caudell
  • Karen Allott
  • Anais LENE
  • Emily Bickley
  • Stefanie Lewis Aschenbrenner
  • Simon Dudley
  • Jane Fenwick
  • Maria Kirby Vidal
  • Abigail Thornton
  • Claire Cann
  • Dan Lingard
  • Neil Franklin
  • Lucy Beaumont
  • Hayley Fenn
  • S Canavan
  • Sarah Blanshard
  • S Behenna
  • Faith Gordon-Smith
  • Kristiana Kincaid
  • C Watkins
  • Sophie Regazzacci
  • Kate Jervis
  • Laura Kell
  • Christina Kelly
  • Valentina Modeo Patti
  • Christina Sealy
  • Erika Maggetti
  • Elizabeth Otter
  • Helen Wisbey
  • Gina Beck
  • Lizzie MacKinnon
  • Lucy Hudson
  • Chloe Strickland
  • Madeleine Garrett
  • Howard Seymour
  • Sally Morton
  • Kerry Locke
  • Laura regazzacci
  • Emma S
  • David Lawson
  • Lesley de Bruyn
  • Francesca Fulli
  • Paolo Lacava
  • Heather Morse
  • Magdalena Wepa-Ryba
  • N Corcoran
  • Tamsin Stack
  • Steven Charlton
  • Ian Talbot
  • Amy Pusey
  • Kate McKenzie
  • Raj Udhian
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  • Dion Hura
  • Guy Wilson
  • Cher Rijnaard
  • Laurence Armiger
  • Alice Armiger
  • Jennifer Nightingale
  • Alison czerwinka
  • Fay Tyson
  • Antonia Hall
  • Camille
  • Mark Caudell
  • Leah Morgan
  • Peter garrett
  • Miriam
  • Daniel Kyley
  • Mrs Janine Reece
  • Leon Harris
  • Janine reece
  • Sebastian Mistry
  • C. Butcher
  • Michael Mazour
  • Charlotte Tucker
  • Emma Cooper
  • emma Battams-Harris
  • Petra Owona
  • Nicola Jones
  • Astrid Lewis Petrassi
  • Catherine scott
  • Simon moore
  • Denise Wilson-Tadd
  • sophia gaudicheau
  • Sarah Taylor