Petition to: Decline Planning Application to Erect a 5 storey Car park, at Vicus Way, Maidenhead (No 18/02105/FULL )

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to Decline Planning Application to Erect a 5 storey Car park, at Vicus Way, Maidenhead (No 18/02105/FULL ). More details

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We, the residents around Vicus Way, Maidenhead,  object to application No 18/02105/FULL, to erect a 5 storey car park , at Vicus Way, Maidenhead.

The reasons are : 1. A third car park so close to a residential area will add to the existing issues from antisocial behaviour originating from the existing car parks in the area. This will make the area a more dangerous place to live in.

2. The air pollution in the area will increase, having a negative impact on the residents' health.

3. The surrounding roads will become more dangerous for pedestrians and will not cope with the additional traffic, especially as there is a recycling centre next door and hundreds of new residential dwellings on Vicus Way.

4.The noise in the area will increase and will exist 24 hours a day. This will impact on the residents' lives, health and ability to function properly. Young children need to sleep early, adults need to rest so that they can work the next day.

5. RBWM has already permitted the erection of hundreds new residential dwellings in Vicus Way. A residential area does not mix well with a multi storey car park so close.

6. It will make the area look aesthetically ugly, noisy and over polluted.

Current signatories

MRS A KONIG, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Tania Bertholdi
  • Fredy Konig
  • Edmundo Bertholdi
  • K Luthra
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