Petition to: install safety railings at the St.Marks road/Courthouse road junction

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We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to install safety railings at the St.Marks road/Courthouse road junction. More details

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I am putting forward this petition for safety railings to be installed along the pavement corners near my home. I am concerned for the safety of my child, myself, other pedestrians and school children that use the St. Marks road/ Courthouse road junction pavement, in Maidenhead. I am a resident at Cope court and walk my child to Alwyn school every morning, as do many other parents. Many times I have felt in danger due to the general lack of order and some drivers disregard for us pedestrians. Drivers not only mount the pavement but use it as a driving lane, without any regard for the fact that it is extremely dangerous. It is chaos and extremely stressful. Everyone is trying to get their children to school safely and on time and I have witnessed many accidents at this junction throughout the 4 years I have lived in this area. I believe safety railings being installed will not only offer security and safety for pedestrians but also force drivers to reduce their speed, not use the pavement as a slip lane and become aware that this is a zone where extra care should be taken.

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