Petition to: Sack councillor Simon Dudley for being unfit for the role of Leader of the Council

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to Sack councillor Simon Dudley for being unfit for the role of Leader of the Council. More details

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Councillor Simon Dudley has asked police to clear rough sleepers from Windsor ahead of the Royal wedding. Conservative councillor Simon Dudley said the presence of beggars on the streets of the town could present it in a "sadly unfavourable light" when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The council leader has claimed on Twitter (over Christmas of all times!) that there was "an epidemic of rough sleeping and vagrancy" in Windsor. He has called on police to "focus on dealing with this before the #RoyalWedding".

The police have quite rightly responded that "...housing is the responsibility of the council, but it is better that agencies work together so people don't become homeless".

Any person who has so little compassion (or common decency), should not be allowed to hold any public position.

I call for his IMMEDIATE resignation.

Please sign this petition, and follow me in this DEMAND from his EMPLOYERS - (that's you and I, 'the public', which includes the homeless to whom he should be providing sufficient funds to support!).

Petition Rejected

This petition has been rejected because:

  • It contained wording that needed to be amended, or is impossible to understand

Additional information about this rejection:
Please amend the wording of your petition as follows: i) remove the request for Cllr Dudley to resign, as this is not within the remit of the powers of the council ii) amend the word ‘sack’ from the first line. Cllr Dudley is not an employee of the council therefore this is not the correct term.