Petition to: protect and maintain trees in St Leonards Park Windsor

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to protect and maintain trees in St Leonards Park Windsor. More details

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More details from petition creator

During the past two years residents have seen small areas of land in and around Hemwood Dell being sold off at auction. These areas are often home to mature trees which are subject to specific or area tree protection orders. Residents want RBWM to keep and maintain these trees. They are valued by our community and should not be cut down by landowners looking to develop these small open spaces.

Current signatories

Ed Wilson, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Elli Hunt
  • J Watkins
  • Alessio
  • Charles Moore
  • Peter Watson
  • Guy Ratcliffe
  • Chris Bruce
  • Ruth Norris
  • Peter Norris
  • Michael Goodacre
  • G Bruce
  • Michelle Gregory
  • Marilyn Waldock
  • Helen Marion Melrose
  • Ryan Elliott
  • Rupert allison
  • A Khaseria
  • Nicola Hodge
  • Meena Patel
  • Kate Fagence
  • Julia Churchill
  • Phil Buck
  • Suzanne Turley
  • Bobby Allahrakha
  • Victoria
  • David H
  • Jenny Nightingale
  • Sarah Blanshard
  • Katherine Mugan
  • Mike Moss
  • Anne Dyer
  • Maureen Hague
  • John Whitham
  • June Weavers
  • Michael Weavers
  • Liz Lancaster
  • Ronald Short
  • Raza Sardar
  • Estlyn Davies
  • Benita Kathleen Moores
  • Raymond Dawes
  • Brian Godley
  • Leslie John Coe
  • M J Morris
  • Emma Celant
  • Simon Whitelock
  • Sandra Rodbard-Brown
  • Edwin rodbard-brown
  • Sally Moss
  • Karen Boustead