Petition to: Ensure full and proper access on all public footpaths.

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to Ensure full and proper access on all public footpaths. More details

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Pathways obstructed by over growing hedges, trees and other vegetation. Footpath surfaces crumbling and slippery caused by leaf debris. Invaded by tree roots and tree trunks. Road signage obstructing path access. Vehicles parked on paths closing pedestrian access. These and other factors reduce the safety of our pedestrian walkways. It is time the pedestrian walkways were inspected and returned to the designated use.

Current signatories

David Dwyer, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Valerie Pike
  • Linda Moody
  • Chris Locke
  • David John White
  • robert pinkerton
  • John Rodney Crouch
  • Gill Butterly
  • Michael Rawlings
  • Terry Jackson
  • James Pugh
  • trevor perry
  • Kathryn Perry
  • Mike Hockley
  • Maggie Lorenschitz-Dennis
  • Derek Black
  • Christine D-R
  • Jaspal Dhariwal
  • Barry Job
  • Louisa Ellins
  • Malcolm Burtt
  • Tony Rawlings
  • Elli Hunt
  • Grace Hunt
  • John Nelson
  • Susan Hunt
  • Matthew Hunt
  • hannah dean
  • Jamie Hill
  • nasir quarashi
  • zulfaqar bell
  • Najia Khan
  • Norie Iijima
  • Maisie Turner
  • Christina gray