Petition to: Restore the agreement on Oxford road parking

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to Restore the agreement on Oxford road parking. More details

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Until last week, there was a 20 year informal agreement between the residents of Oxford road and the Council on allowing residents to park on double yellow lines after 5pm and at weekends. This agreement was revoked by the Council without any due warning or notification. We would like this reinstated until a proper consultation and review of options can be carried out between the Council and Residents. This reinstatement would allow that consultation to take place and get buy in from residents.

Current signatories

David Browne, the petition creator, joined by:

  • David Browne
  • Leonie Dorrington-Ward
  • Stephen hann
  • Phillip Weston
  • David Harrington
  • Michael Higgins
  • Emily Robinson
  • Afshin Nejad
  • Steve and Dee Prior
  • Alexander Treeby
  • Aileen Higgott
  • Chantal Burkhardt
  • Jasmin Stewart
  • Denisa Niculescu
  • Nicole peirce
  • Lucy Costerton
  • Melinda Ward
  • Kathryn Hampton
  • Christopher Smith
  • Claire Axson
  • Sophie Allard
  • Lynsey Passmore
  • Emily Winchurch
  • Bruce tasker
  • Bethan Jacobs
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  • Denise Canderton
  • Andrew Burns
  • Kay Knapp
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  • J Vaughan
  • Carmelina Pascucci
  • David Grant
  • Marilea Harrington
  • Chris Howes
  • Vincent white
  • Colette Archer
  • Ann Harrington
  • Jamie Dunning
  • Gary hare
  • Sandra Tait
  • Richard Archer
  • Marcus Costerton
  • Edward Issitt
  • Justyna Elliott
  • Roz Sworder
  • Lukasz Gasior
  • Ewa Pelka Gasior
  • Amy Summerfield
  • Natasha Howse
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