Petition to: apply pressure on One Housing Group and investigate maintenance fees at Kidwells Close

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to apply pressure on One Housing Group and investigate maintenance fees at Kidwells Close. More details

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to apply pressure on One Housing Group to review the latest maintenance fees / service charge increases at Kidwells Close. One Housing Group continue to raise these fees for owners and tenants at Kidwells Close, with the increases being significant and unaffordable for a lot of people. We feel our concerns are not being listened to by One Housing Group and would like the council to help give the residents a voice for increases in charges we feel are not justified.

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Daniel Wilson, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Monika Jaronska
  • Lukasz Jaroński
  • Marta Kapuscinska
  • Augusto De Rosa
  • Scott Curran
  • Nigel Ferguson
  • Ellen Stone
  • Marcin Kapuscinski
  • Tsz Shan Chan
  • Sherry Kennett
  • Mary Palmer
  • Oliver Gore
  • Kirsty Meredith
  • Susan Curran
  • Racquel
  • Brian Eubanks
  • Hugh Sarney
  • Kelly sarney
  • Trudy King
  • Achille Di Virgilio
  • Irina Dumbrell
  • Anika Sood
  • Rob Kuhner
  • Cynthia Adede
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  • Owen Roberts
  • Benedict Seymour
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  • James L-Gore
  • Marija Afanasjeva
  • Gemma Cooper
  • Chris allen
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  • Adrian Burkitt
  • Jurate Peckyte
  • Marcin Stangel
  • Agnieszka Stangel
  • Scott Meaden
  • Shikha Joshi
  • Atul JOSHI
  • Alexandra king
  • Nicole Caraoue
  • Chloe Ferguson
  • Sophie Sarney
  • Richard Whale
  • Stephanie Foulds
  • Thomas Winser
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  • Nicola Sullivan
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  • Mark Winkle
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