Petition to: Prevent Continued Overdevelopment of Imperial Road

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to Prevent Continued Overdevelopment of Imperial Road. More details

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Despite the previous appeal to prevent the overdevelopment of the road, there are further plans to build yet more flats in the area, at the expense of family homes. Please see Application ID: 16/03864. This will create traffic that will back log Imperial Road, Green Lane, Almond close and impact as far as York Road and Springfield due to the single lane access to the site. We should be preserving family homes in the area and not allowing the town to become a buy to let haven with no atmosphere.

Current signatories

Mr Mark Sewell, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Shona Morriss
  • Jennifer Sewell
  • Emma Smith
  • Adam Siveyer
  • Peter Archibald
  • Emma Linford-Relph
  • Catrin Thomas
  • Lucy Kelly
  • Scott Daines
  • Tracy Burfoot
  • Megan Duckworth
  • Karen Simmons
  • Raj Gohil
  • Paula graham
  • Angela Hobbs
  • Laura Spence
  • Mark Caudell
  • Vivien Eden
  • Helen gregory osborne
  • Pam Mason-Watson
  • Jo Hodgson
  • Laura Rosier
  • Sophie Archibald
  • Phillippa Seaward
  • Sabina Gunn
  • Andy Brattle
  • Annabelle Gall
  • Carolyn Thackeray
  • Deirdre Mullay
  • Alison Brattle
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