Petition to: Provide measures for speed calming on holyport road

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to Provide measures for speed calming on holyport road. More details

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rbwm to enforce speed bumps &/or pinch points to slow speeding motorist on holyport road. The pavements are narrow, the 30mph road is very narrow and straight, motorist just put their foot down , going over 40mph. With a primary school, where most the children walk to , this road to have no speed bumps or speed calming measures is unnacceptale. Every 30 mph rd, from maidenhead to windsor off the a308 has speed bumps except this road. This will encourage more parents to walk, because the traffic will be forced to obey the speed limit.

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Petition officer discussed e-petition with lead-petitioner on 22/10/15 and agreed it was very similar to one already open for signature.