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Residents have been aware of the safety issues on this crossing for many years and have repeatedly asked for improvements to be made. Sadly, there have been two incidents within the space of week involving vehicles and pedestrians.

We therefore urge the council to undertake an immediate review, with the view to implement one or more of the below:

Upgrade the Greenfields crossing to a traffic signal led crossing (preferred option) Upgrade the crossing to a raised table crossing with new LED Belisha beacons abs proper flood lighting onto the crossing to ensure visibility. Raise the crossing off Stafferton Roundabout on the link road so traffic coming off the roundabout has to slow down (as at other end of link road). Introduce speed bumps on Stafferton Road Introduce railings on the corners of Greenfields to protect pedestrains

Current signatories

Carol Linsey Townsend, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Cllr Helen Taylor
  • Mathilde Rossignol
  • Georgina Darley
  • Judy De haan
  • Dominika Meszynska
  • Jo Trice
  • Derek Philip-Xu
  • Benoit Benatar
  • Adrianna Niedzwiecka
  • Cllr Geoffrey Hill
  • Mete Turkoz
  • Amber stichbury
  • Karen Gwilliam
  • Helen price
  • Victoria Brooks
  • Claire Williams
  • Douglas watts
  • Lauren Baker
  • Eleanor james
  • Laura McCulley
  • Sally Jordan
  • Sharon Philps
  • Deborah Tytler
  • Joanna Ashford
  • Teresa Maclean
  • John Williams
  • David Willis
  • Sara Rudd
  • Kristine Townsend
  • Chelsea Townsend
  • Jack Miller
  • Lin Townsend
  • Ellen smith
  • Josh
  • Dave holmes
  • Scott Townsend
  • Jess
  • Alfonso Martínez Rangel
  • Gabija
  • Kim Blackwell
  • Laura Tait
  • rachel tilbury
  • Saima
  • Victoria Price
  • Lynn Henderson
  • Alison Hall
  • Rosana Dirkin
  • Hannah Redman
  • Heather Rome
  • Mary folan
  • Lea Payne-Welch
  • Barbara Hearman
  • Shelley Mills
  • Leah Townsend
  • S J Storey