Petition to: Apply a single access route for bicycles in Eton on Slough Road

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to Apply a single access route for bicycles in Eton on Slough Road. More details

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On Slough Road, cycles/E-scooters (illegal anyway) should not be allowed on pedestrianised areas. There should be a cycle path on the right-side of Slough Road if travelling from Slough. There is a grassy verge area which can be tarmacked over and that will allow cycles to travel safely and to avoid pedestrians. The left side should only be for pedestrians especially to maintain social distancing and safety at night where cyclists don't use reflective gear and from experience it occurs 9/10 times. Also, there should be a safe crossing for those wanting to walk/cycle over to the pavement on the opposite side. The only way is to play chicken and run across over uneven grass. Signage and road markings must be clear to state that cyclists are to go to the other side and to also maintain social distancing, speed and correct safety gear for the protection of all pavement users. Also, make it clear e-scooters are now allowed by law to be on the pavements. This is an increasing problem. Clearly, this is currently a very big health hazard and requires action. If the cost of adding tarmac is an issue then signage and road markings can be done with minimal cost and effort for the time being.

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