Petition to: Authorise the developmentand construction of a new outdoor swimming pool

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to Authorise the developmentand construction of a new outdoor swimming pool. More details

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It's the 30th anniversary of Maidenhead's outdoor swimming pool closing down for good. Why don't we build a new one? This will reduce anti-social behaviour, create jobs in the local area and boost the local economy.

Current signatories

Mr Shay Bottomley, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Jo Taylor
  • Tracey Bates
  • Heather Jay
  • Emily Durant
  • Pat willmott
  • Elizabeth king
  • Jackie ilic
  • Nuno Pinto
  • Chris Collins
  • Mrs. Coral Simpso
  • Michael Taylor
  • Teesha PATTISON
  • Helen Sexton
  • june
  • Alison Crane
  • Terry Faulkner
  • Susan Sewell
  • gavin creffield
  • Carla Rodrigues
  • Louise Hassell
  • Lindsey witt
  • John Sewell
  • Emma jeffery
  • Nigel Bicknell
  • Hellen Doman
  • Alison Hall
  • Elizabeth Jones
  • Colin Dandridge
  • Eric Hawkins
  • Chris Doswell
  • Sandra Muir
  • Joanne Ede
  • Nicola McDonald
  • John Kernaghan
  • jacqui copeland
  • Jane H
  • Claire jackson
  • Jonathan Thrift
  • Fiona Hayes
  • Elias KUpfermann
  • Debra Sellwood
  • Carol Venables
  • Sandra Edwards
  • Jill Davison
  • Maureen Barrett
  • Trudy Coles
  • Beth Thompson
  • Jinx Dacombe
  • Giampiero Carlo
  • Sandra Randall
  • Caroline Walters
  • Jo Smith
  • Zuzana Kurbally
  • Gerry Gwynn
  • Tania Beasley
  • Fiona Hart
  • Pam Martin
  • Pat Capp
  • ZoeDoidge
  • Donna brown
  • Liz Trillow
  • Lynne Embling
  • Louise De Haan
  • Vivienne Lee
  • Carol Weatherley
  • Sarah Seddon
  • Pat Wheeler
  • Wayne Tritton
  • Chris Dalby
  • Robin Dixon
  • Brenda Dandridge
  • Lorraine holmes
  • linda forward
  • Louise Smith
  • Judi Hugill
  • Natalie Rapley
  • Caroline Street
  • Irina Karklina
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