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We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to… Submitted by
RBWMmr sohan sharma
Petition details cannot be shown — more detailsName cannot be shown
hold a debate on the drainage system currently installed in Wraysbury village.Gavin Seager
Provide measures for speed calming on holyport roadName cannot be shown
campaign against any possible closure of the Miadenhead Post Office and to protect services for residents and the business community.Cllr Geoffrey Hill
Renew the lease for the Cinnamon Cafe in the old stationMr Geoff Devall
Close Manor LodgeName cannot be shown
Vote the Lowbrook Academy expansion funding through as a 'policy vote' and not a 'free vote', as school expansion is a policy in the Conservative Group Manifesto 2015, ensuring all future school expansion votes are treated as 'policy votes'.Amy Monks
ensure that funding and support is supplied to Lowbrook Academy to the agreed plan so Lowbrook can meet the need of its Catchment in Cox Green.Craig Monks
Retain freedom of walking by the community in Swinley Forest via Woodlands Ride, South AscotTrudy Kemp
Ask Cllr Dudley to voluntarily or forcibly resign his positionSJ
Sack councillor Simon Dudley for being unfit for the role of Leader of the CouncilMr John Smith
Sanction Cllr Da Costa for his serious breach of the code of conduct bringin the office of Councillor and the Council into disreputeLars Swann
Hold the relevant councillors to account for wasting RBWM council tax on only “good news” street lighting promotional bannersJonathan Davey
demote Simon Dudley from his position as leader of the councilMrs Jane Gregory
Acquire Hemwood Dell for the benefit of all Borough residents.ed wilson

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