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We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to… Submitted by Deadline to sign by Signatures
declare an Environment and Climate Emergency, ensure all current and future policies are consistent with averting further climate change and ecological collapse, and put in place a plan to reduce carbon emissions in the Borough to net zero by 2030. (with response)Sarah Bowden10 October 2019735
create a Windsor Town Council, within the current unparished boundaries of Windsor, to better represent the local needs of Windsor people and to put Windsor on an equal footing with neighbouring areas.Mr Richard Endacott27 September 2019537
1) Install prominent signage at Hemwood Dell to advise owners not to erect fencing at the Dell; 2) Write to all new landowners to remind them of the restrictions and covenants in place at Hemwood Dell; and 3) Create a fund to acquire the freehold interest in some or all plots of land within the Dell should they be offered for sale in the future.ed wilson 4 October 2019273
Change the speed limit in Wraysbury Road, Wraysbury from 40 m.p.h. to 30 m.p.h., install speed camera(s) and zebra crossings to ensure that drivers adhere to a safer speed limit and pedestrians have a safe place to cross the road to access the bus stops so that a further death of a pedestrian can be avoided.Mrs Georgina Gillan18 September 2019256
propose another solution to parkingBen Thomson29 October 2019251
create a Maidenhead Town Council, within the current unparished boundaries of Maidenhead, to better represent the local needs of the residents of Maidenhead and to put the town on an equal footing with neighbouring areas.Claire Stretton11 October 2019135
urgently review & implement additional parking provision on the Halifax Road Estate (also known as the Bomber Estate), in order to improve resident access and safety.Marius Gilmore24 October 2019113

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