Petition to: Reverse the decision to place a fountain on the busy Clarence Road roundabout

This petition is now closed, as its deadline has passed.

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to Reverse the decision to place a fountain on the busy Clarence Road roundabout. More details

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The proposed fountain for Clarence Road's busy roundabout is a traffic disaster waiting to happen.

The council's own planning officers have said it shouldn't happen ( and the suggestion that it could act as a traffic calming measure is nothing short of dangerous.

We ask that this decision be reversed, if only for the sake of the lives that will be put at risk if it is put in place.

For more details about why this is a bad idea, the Windsor Observer has written about the fountain at

Current signatories

James Paterson, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Roger Cullingham
  • Helen Price
  • John Endacott
  • Paul Stretton
  • Linda Stretton
  • Pete Simester
  • steve conway
  • julia conway
  • Jeff Remington
  • Susan Mackie
  • Stephen Hindmarsh
  • Andy Bell
  • Donald Wakeham
  • Sonya Jones
  • Steve Griffiths
  • steve way
  • Helen Blake
  • Bob Briggs
  • Nicholas Warner
  • Josie Wareing
  • Jean todd
  • Andrew Soles
  • Janet Dawson
  • David Taylor
  • peter benson
  • Raewyn Porteous
  • Rachel Cook
  • Sandra Zuccaro
  • David Massen
  • Peter Eaton
  • Susan Eaton
  • mary clayton
  • Linda Elliott
  • Louise Davison
  • Margery Thorogood
  • Steve Fairall
  • Samantha Murphy
  • Jan Mercer
  • A Hobbs
  • carol fletcher
  • scott horn
  • Tracey Stacey
  • Pam Biddulph
  • Susy Shearer
  • Anita Newman