Petition to: Stop step families taking over the deeds to a loved ones grave

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to Stop step families taking over the deeds to a loved ones grave. More details

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My father died 32yrs ago and was buried at stag meadow cemetery. I have been keeping his grave as tidy as i could over the years. It was my place to be near my dad when I needed him. I was 21 when he died. Last year I asked a stonemason to clean my dads headstone and rewrite the lettering. This is when i found out that my fathers step daughter had brought the deeds to my dads grave. When dad died his then wife apparently brought the plot. She moved away and remarried soon after.She died 2016 so the writes to the deeds were passed to her daughter. I had no knowledge of this. He was my dad not hers. I can’t sort my dads grave without her permission! We detest each other so that wont happen.The distress this has caused my family has been awful. We are grieving all over again. Nothing we can do about it! The step family just wanted somewhere to put their mother, my dad means nothing to them! This should not be allowed to happen.

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