Petition to: support the expansion of Cox Green Community Centre car parking

We the undersigned petition The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead to support the expansion of Cox Green Community Centre car parking. More details

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Cox Green Community Centre is a popular and well-used facility providing space for community events, groups and activities for residents of all ages.

As the population of Cox Green has grown and Cox Green School has been expanded, the popularity of the Community Centre has increased and the car park has become increasingly full. This has resulted in numerous occasions where residents, particularly older residents, who are less mobile, have not being able to attend events at the community centre. The car park is at capacity and without additional car parking spaces the community centre may not be viable in the long-term, which would be a great loss to the local community.

Cllr Ross McWilliams, Cox Green Parish Council, Cox Green Community Centre and Cox Green School have been working with RBWM to develop a scheme for an extension to the rear of the community centre. A capital bid has been submitted to secure funding for the scheme.

By signing this petition residents will be asking RBWM to support the capital bid in next year's budget and help bring this much needed local infrastructure project to fruition.

Current signatories

Cllr Ross McWilliams, the petition creator, joined by:

  • Phil Haseler
  • Sally Haseler
  • Gill Alton
  • Claire Huntley
  • Gabby Greene
  • Lee Rees
  • Jemma Haseler
  • Helen Cutche
  • Diane Thom
  • Bridget Alexander
  • Melanie hill
  • Sally Barker
  • S Blair
  • Louise Cawte
  • Janet Mercer
  • Melanie Wood
  • Franz Lorenschitz
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  • Clare Golding-Walker
  • Debra sellwood
  • Vina Thakrar
  • Tony Perry
  • Vivien Lee
  • Gillian Darwen
  • Linda Smith
  • Adrian Sealy
  • Angela Quinby
  • Andrea browne
  • Samantha Baron
  • Charlotte Burgess
  • Linda Atkinson
  • Kate Martin
  • Mike haseler
  • Dan Spence
  • Emma Holmden
  • Jane Dorsett
  • Mary Janes
  • Avril Broadley
  • Sophie Gorton
  • S Cooper
  • Peter gorton
  • Emma Young
  • Emma Keen
  • Andrea Butler
  • Jo Welch
  • Alan Craythorne
  • Rosemary Brown
  • Geoffrey Brown
  • Lucinda Brown
  • Rob Wingfield
  • David Maskell
  • Tara Isherwood
  • Hannah morgan
  • Pat Staples
  • Pascale Travis
  • Kate Jaques
  • Jennie Moore
  • Bridget Milligan
  • Janet Fearn
  • Nina Lenton
  • Tracey McWilliams
  • Brian Wright
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